The International Chatbot Contest
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2013 International Chatbot Contest

By Wendell Cowart

March 16, 2013 - Talk-Bot by Wendell Cowart is named the winner of The 2013 International Chatbot Contest. 
The contest featured 24 Bots from all over the world. The final standings are listed below:

1)Talk-Bot by Wendell Cowart
2)Izar by Appsentience
3)Mitsuku by Steve Worswick
4)Jeeney by Cameron Jones
5)Susan by Vittorio Rossi 
6)Skynet AI by Ken Hurtubise
7)Elbot by Fred Roberts
8)Louise Cypher by EVIL Limited
9)Laybia by C. Brown
10)Chomsky by Peter Lafferty
11)Morti by Dave Morton
12)V1ra by Tom Joyce
13)Alice by Dr, Richard Wallace
14)R.I.C.H by Vincent L. Gilbert
15)Cronus by Innovative Solutions
16)Artemis by Dimitrios Karas
17)Adam by Daniel Burke
18)Aries by Steven Whitacre
19)Brainy by Anatasia
20)Julie Tinkerbell by Heather McKeen
21)Trinity by Martin Sondergaard
22)Cl0ne by Salvatore Mocciaro
23)Johnny by Robert Denis
24)Zeta Alpha by Jeremy Gardiner