The International Chatbot Contest
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Contest Overview

To bring ALL the best chatbots together for some chatbot competition. We are not looking to 
exclude anyone as long as they meet the contests requirements. This contest is being
held to replace the Chatterbox Challenge which ended in 2012.

This contest is not unique. It is basically the CBC with a bit of the Chatbot Battles 
thrown in. In fact, this website, the rules and scoring, are virtually identical to 
the old CBC. However, there are some differences so please take the time and read through 

Judging is subjective no matter what you do but here is how this contest will be judged.
I will be the head judge and all decisions regarding the contest will go through me. I know 
chatbots in regards to how they work and operate. I also know the history of all the past 
contest including the Loebner Prize, the Chatterbox Challenge and the Chatbot Battles. I 
have read at length numerous forum post from the above mentioned contest. In addition to
myself, I will select two other judges outside of the AI community.

The prize money will be awarded from me so I am not tied to any sponsor. No dubious online 
voting polls. I will not have a bot entered into this contest. I am also not trying to sell anything 
or promote some other agenda only to replace the void when the CBC ended. 

I am here to judge the bots and their responses not the botmasters. With that said I hope to 
minimize as much as humanly possible any contact with the botmasters entered. Problems and 
questions however will be addressed through the website. Any help I may need I will seek out people 
outside of the AI community.

I have set up the prize money in a way where the botmasters should come together to encourage
participation. The Chatbot Battles had over 40+ entries so I feel the 50+ mark is certainly within
reach to compete for the $5000 first prize.

Like the CBC the bots will be asked 10 questions/statements. After the bots have been scored the top 7 
highest scores will move on to the finals. (see Update section for recent change). They will then be seeded 
from 1 to 8 based on their scores. Then similar to the Chatbot Battles the bots will face each other as follows:

1st seed verse 8th seed
2nd seed verse 7th seed
3rd seed verse 6th seed
4th seed verse 5th seed

In each round the bots will be asked 10 questions/statements until we obtain the eventual winner. In 
the event of a tie additional questions/statements will be asked until the tie is broken.