The International Chatbot Contest
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Cash Award

Prize Money - The prize money is set up in a way to encourage participation and for fellow 
botmasters to encourage other botmasters to enter. The more people that enter the more you 
have to win. For every bot that enters the contest we will award $100 in prize money up to $5000. 
For example:

10 people - $1000
25 people - $2500
37 people - $3700
50 or more - $5000

This is a winner take all contest.

It is our hope and desire to have 50+ bots entering and competing for the $5000 first prize however 
we will not be accepting "questionable" bots just to reach the 50 count mark. 

Questionable Bots
*A bot that gives the same answer over and over to everything typed to it.
*An "extremely" undeveloped bot that can only answer your most basic questions.
*A search engine only type bot.  
*Adult or X rated type bots.